America's Cup Coffee Shop

Organic Coffee • Handcrafted Pastries

Pre-Order for Your Chartering Adventure!

We would love to have a perfect package waiting for you to take on your boat when chartering from San Juan Sailing or Northwest Explorations.

 We are located just steps away from the office where you check in. We have delightful treats and nutritious offerings for you and your crew.

Please take a look at our pre-order packages available for one click ordering or if you would like something a bit more customized than what you see please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you right away!

Please note that when going through the online ordering process *disregard* the date and time that the square site is automatically inputting for your order pickup time. There is a selection box on every item where you will type in the date and time that you would like to pick up your order, and that is what we will go by. Again, pay no attention to what square is saying and just make sure to fill out the date and time box when selecting your package options.

Online Ordering